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Imagine if you could save hundreds of hours using a WordPress theme that just worked as described. And when you get stuck, what if you had someone always willing to help and guide you for free? Can you put a value on the time and money you would save? Meet SmartMag - it has 5-star dedicated support and smart features for a perfect site with less effort!

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  1. Modern Technologies

    We use HTML5, Responsive Design, Retina (HD) graphics and have created a perfect mobile experience.

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  2. Easy Customizations and Speedy

    Drag & Drop Page builder, Shortcodes, Widgets - flexible and featured packed yet blazing fast. No coding skills required.

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  3. Multiple Layouts & Style Options

    Wide, Boxed, Full Width, Custom Sidebars - you choose your layout. Adjust Color, Typography/Fonts, and so on via countless settings.

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  4. Usability Optimized

    We have tested SmartMag with real people. Your users will never be confused on your site.

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  5. Search Engine Optimized

    You will rank better and your audience will actually find your site in search engines. All thanks to On-page SEO, Rich Schemas, Google Authorship and so on.

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  6. Reliable Support

    You can trust us to save the day whenever you are struck. We don't even require you to actually read the manual - if you demand support, we assist & guide you.

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  7. Free Updates & No Limits

    Pay once and get life-time free updates! Can it get any better than that? Flexibility, Content, Support - everything's Unlimited.

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  8. Countless Features

    Still need more reasons? There are countless more features to explore.

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SmartMag Utilizes The Latest Technology

To be successful, it's important for your site to have an elegant design that works on all the latest devices — without costing you a fortune. SmartMag uses HTML5 and works beautifully across all existing and new devices.

Our responsive design is optimized for usability on smaller screens such as smart-phones. We know how touch devices need a different experience — that's why the theme adapts uniquely to tablets. Not only does it adapt nicely, it's retina-ready. As the tablet and smart phones screen are getting extremely high resolution, the older graphics display as pixelated and blurry. SmartMag, on the other hand, displays crisp clear retina graphics on high resolution devices.

You might wonder, how does HTML5 benefit you? First, HTML5 is the latest web standard and it is future-proof — hence ensuring long-term survivability of your site across multiple devices. Second, it empowers your site with the newer features such as faster audio players, responsive design and so on. Finally, search engines appear to love HTML5.

It doesn't stop here, we're constantly adopting new technologies and releasing updates - free of cost for our buyers.

SmartMag Makes Customizing Your Site Easy & It's Blazing Fast!

SmartMag is packed with features that make it simple to get up and running with your site. With drag & drop page builder, widgets, and countless settings, some extreme customization is possible.

Despite being very flexible, the performance of SmartMag is top notch - visit our demo to find out for yourself.

SmartMag Has Multiple Layouts And Easy-to-Use Settings

With SmartMag, you have choice of multiple layouts. Again, more flexibility and choices are available without affecting usability or speed.

Layout Options

Another great aspect of SmartMag is the number of settings available to you. You can change the fonts used by common elements such as headings, body, excerpts and so on. You can also change the colors of different areas such as body, header, navigation, main content, footer and so on. Not only that, you can set a custom full-body background image for any post, page, category, or your whole site.

There's simply no limit to what you can achieve here. For developers, even Custom CSS, header code, and footer code boxes are made available via Theme Settings. While Child Themes are well supported, due to these powerful features, you will probably not need them anymore.

SmartMag Is Usability Optimized and Tested By Real People

What good is a site if your users cannot find what they're looking for? Imagine having a design that guides your eyes to the right location. Using the recommended structure of SmartMag, a perfect visual hierarchy can subconsciously guide your users' eyes.

Using some of the best known facts about usability, such as users reading in F-Shaped pattern, we have created a structure to best accommodate the patterns. For instance, in the demo, the first section is the featured area (above-the-fold) and shows the most important content of your site. It quickly follows with a higher visual appeal of the latest highlights and so on. By practical application of well-known design concepts of proximity, contrast and so on, we have created the most usable visual hierarchy.

Finally, SmartMag was tested with numerous novice users in the site creation process and was continuously improved with the feedback.

SmartMag Uses The Latest Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

Creating a perfect site by itself isn't good enough. Why would you have a site that nobody visits? You want people to find your site. SmartMag uses the latest and the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices to help you rank higher than your competitors.

Clean semantic HTML5 code & the smart hierarchical design architecture ensures that Search Engine bots love your site. Additionally, SmartMag uses Rich Schemas from - like breadcrumbs, ratings, author image and so on. These facilitate in making your site appear more credible in search results.

Because you deserve to have the best SEO possible, we turned to industry professionals like Yoast who have over 8 Million downloads for the best WordPress SEO plugin. By fully integrating and testing the industry's best SEO plugin, SmartMag will help you feel confident about your on-site SEO.

You Aren't On Your Own. We Are Here to Help

Creating a site is simple with SmartMag, but sometimes, you can get stuck - it's only human. Fortunately, SmartMag comes with top-notch support. We will surprise you with the level of effort put into answering each question. Step by step guidance and visual explanation using images is a common practice.

For developers, SmartMag support is a dream come true. We not only guide you in the right direction for any advanced customization, we often even suggest specific CSS edits for free.

You can trust us to save the day whenever you are struck. We don't even require you to actually read the full manual. If you need support, we assist & guide you - no presumptions made, ever. But don't just take our word for it. Read the reviews taken directly from ThemeForest.

SmartMag Gives Free Updates For Life and Everything's Unlimited

Imagine having a product that continuously adds new modern features, performance and feature improvements, and you get access to all this for free? Even years from now, without any renewal fees! Yes, with SmartMag, you pay once and get free updates for life. Can it get any better than this?

SmartMag Is Truly Unlimited. Unlimited Updates. Unlimited Support Tickets. Unlimited Flexibility. Unlimited Posts. Unlimited Pages. Unlimited Reviews. Unlimited Sidebars. Unlimited Galleries. Unlimited Videos. There is simply no limit on what you can achieve with SmartMag.

SmartMag Is Packed With Countless Useful Features

We have only touched the surface with the features we have mentioned so far. SmartMag has a lot more to offer. You will be surprised with the number of features available. Here are some of the other useful features:

And that's just tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more for you to explore. Start saving your time!

What Are Our Users Saying? They Love It!

What an amazing template! Not only is this simply the BEST WordPress theme I've ever seen, the support that comes along with it is ABOVE AND BEYOND! Super fast, super smart and that makes me one HAPPY guy! Thank you so much for this awesome theme and the amazing support! I truly appreciate it!

I wish I could pick more than one main reason, because I'd also choose code quality. Everything just seems to work as it should, even in different browsers/devices. Which is not the case with a lot of other themes. The design is beautiful, modern, clean and welcomes lots of room for customization if you choose. I like even the tiniest of details such as responsive ads, category colors and timeline categories is really cool and sparks ideas on good ways to use it, just to name a few. I'm a picky buyer but even after all my little tests I'm happy I bought this theme. Great standard, working features. Keep up the good work.

Very good theme to customize by default. Customer support is amazing! I mean really amazing. You won't regret spending the money on this theme.

I give this theme 5 stars in many areas, design, customer service, and brilliance!

There content is some of the best on Theme Forest that alone deserves a 5 star rating. However there customer support has blown me away! They respond almost instantly and are always updating there templates to be the best they can be! You dont need to look any further for your template needs.

Out-of-the-box the theme is spectacularly easy to set up, even on a website that's over 2 years old with a plethora of posts, images, and previous customization. Any issues are easily resolved, with most issues being due to the user not fully reading the enclosed self-explanatory documentation. Customer support is by far the best I've received on any theme, free or purchased. Thank you!

SmartMag is the fastest selling magazine theme on ThemeForest! Don't miss out!

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