SmartMag Changelog

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Version 9.0.0 November 24, 2022

  • New Post Style: Modern Large Bold variation.
  • New block heading styles.
  • 2 New social follow counter styles.
  • Card style for list posts in Elementor and list block/listing settings.
  • 30+ new customization options. Notable: Images shadows.
  • 2 importable homepages to SmartStudio.
  • 2 New single top social share styles and a new location option.
  • Gradient border options for header.
  • More options for grid posts in Customizer, such as column gap.
  • Share text label option for top social share on single.
  • Another 30+ of the latest Google Fonts options.
  • A new importable header preset.
  • Media Vertical centering to list posts.
  • Separate main colors options for dark mode.
  • Cards and stylish style options to grid block/listing settings.
  • Other 8+ Global block/listing options to set defaults such as different category overlay label per block/listing type.
  • Option to underline links in posts.
  • Customization options for reviews box.
  • Arabic translation for frontend with most of the important strings.
  • More options for view more link in block headings.
  • Select primary/secondary font for any typography setting in customizer.
  • 14+ new customization features for headers, including gradient border.
  • Default Large post style fluid font sizes on mobile.
  • Text labels options for single post meta.
  • Breadcrumbs customization options such as colors.
  • Author box typography customization options.
  • Customizer UI for RTL languages.
  • Removed some unnecessary strings from translations.
  • Load more missing post format icons when using Debloat plugin.
  • Images roundness issue on old Safari browsers.
  • Top social icons width if set lower than 100px.
  • Translations for social follow intermittently not working.
  • Font weight 800+ not working in some customizations.
  • Over 32 smaller fixes and improvements.

Version 8.5.0 November 3, 2022

  • 3 New Pre-made Demo Sites: TechDrop, Blogger, DigiTech.
  • WordPress 6.1 compatibility and improvements.
  • 200% Faster Customizer load on slow devices.
  • Support for pagination in News Focus, Focus Grid & Highlights blocks.
  • Padding dimension controls to many Post Editor blocks.
  • Dark mode background option to all Elementor widgets and columns.
  • 2 new header presets.
  • Media image ratio adjustment per device for Elementor blocks.
  • 3 importable homepages to SmartStudio.
  • 9 new importable home sections and blocks in SmartStudio.
  • All Post Editor blocks for WordPress 6.1 compatibility esp. buttons, lists, columns.
  • Message on review posts with missing criteria or invalid overall number.
  • Ability to skip lazyload with skip-lazy and no-lazy classes.
  • Compatibility with custom permalinks on custom archives pagination.
  • Added alpha/opacity control to several color options.
  • Post Editor buttons block gap.
  • List block in Post Editor now supports visual indentation.
  • Review schema summary snippet text issues with some languages.
  • RTL languages issues with block editor.
  • Pagination issue on blocks with heading filters enabled.
  • Section hide on mobile not working on latest elementor.
  • Social Icons block in Elementor alignment resets and may cause error.
  • Compatibility testing/updates for WooCommerce 7.0.

Version 8.0.6 May 26, 2022

  • Tested and Ready for WordPress 6.0.
  • Query ID field in blocks for devs to programmatically filter query.
  • WordPress 6.0 Notice when WP_DEBUG is enabled.
  • Elementor error when using unsupported Containers experiment.
  • Sphere Post Views original post view count combined on WPML posts.

Version 8.0.5 March 27, 2022

  • Categories query / pagination issue.
  • Large and Larger font size in latest Gutenberg version.
  • Full-width Gutenberg blocks in tablet+ devices not going full viewport.
  • Scrollbars on mobile view with 3rd party elements.

Version 8.0.3 March 24, 2022

  • No homepage duplicate post feature bugged in news focus and highlights block.
  • Sphere Post Views installation and uninstallation issues.
  • Decimal values not allowed in Count Delay of Sphere Post views.

Version 8.0.0 March 21, 2022

  • Footer Builder: Build fully custom footers using Elementor globally or for locations such as home, archives, posts, pages.
  • One-click and Auto-Updates: Easily one-click update the theme via WordPress backend, or even auto-update with WP core.
  • Post Views Plugin: Our premium most optimized post views counter with vast performance features.
  • 3 New Unique Demos: SmartTimes, NewsTime, NewsBoard.
  • Native one-click updates for theme, auto-updates also supported.
  • 3 new importable Header presets.
  • 3 importable homepages in smart studio.
  • Options to hide any Elementor area in dark or light mode.
  • Native updates for ThemeSphere plugins with auto-updates support.
  • Posts Views Premium Plugin with many performance features.
  • Overall post views, 7 days and any custom days sort for all blocks.
  • Post meta display of post views, with optional ranks for different colors.
  • Set custom post views for posts, when plugin is enabled.
  • ‘Fixed’ sticky header option alongside the existing ‘Smart’, for mobile.
  • List & Links block in Elementor.
  • Several new styling options to SmartMag Elementor blocks.
  • Dark mode color options for several core Elementor blocks.
  • More dynamic tags in Elementor, such as Footer Copyright.
  • Several options in Customizer for single post comments.
  • SmartMag Social Icons block for Elementor.
  • More customization options for header ticker.
  • Added column separator option for grid and list blocks.
  • Autoload next post updated to track for new post views plugin.
  • Dark mode color for native divider widget in Elementor.
  • Header sticky row can be forced full width now.
  • Control post meta icons size.
  • Pause header news ticker on mouse hover.
  • Solid background variation for WP 5.9+ pullquotes.
  • Get rid of icon font text visible warning in PageSpeed Insights.
  • Social Icon colors for colored icons style for discord, twitch, flickr.
  • Archive builder changes sometimes not reflecting on first load after save.
  • Floating social share in tablets devices.
  • Custom archives pagination affecting blocks with pagination disabled.
  • Gallery post format slider not working with the new Gutenberg markup.
  • Bunyad AMP double logo when dark mode logo is set on a dark header.
  • Many new customization options in Customizer and Elementor.
  • Compatibility testing/updates for plugins such as WooCommerce 6.3.

Version 7.1.1 January 28, 2022

  • UX of Sidebar Width option and applying correct when both px and % set.
  • Sidebar Gap setting not working properly.
  • WordPress 5.9 Yoast SEO conflict & metaboxes not saving.

Version 7.1.0 January 26, 2022

  • WordPress 5.9 compatibility and improvements.
  • Debloat plugin rules for dark mode if all scripts delayed.
  • Exclude dark switcher from Debloat delay load.
  • Usage of bunyad_meta_boxes filter in SmartMag core & example for CPTs.
  • "By" string for post meta now can be searched in Loco Translate.
  • Post Editor issues on WordPress 5.9.
  • Sort Days for Jetpack Views sort.

Version 7.0.0 November 22, 2021

  • 6 New Designs/Demos: Health, MagStudio, NewsBulletin, GossipMag, Fitness, GameZone
  • Archive Builder/Custom Layout for power users. Build your custom category, tags and archive pages.
  • 5 new importable Header presets.
  • 6 New importable Homepage in Smart Studio.
  • 10 importable sections/blocks in Smart Studio.
  • New Post Style: Modern Large Image.
  • 2 New Grid Block style variations: Cards, Stylish.
  • Native browser sticky sidebar option.
  • A sample importable custom archive layout in Smart Studio.
  • New number/counter styles for Grid blocks.
  • Margins, padding, and more options for Blocks box/content in Elementor.
  • Option to add a class to first / featured image for lazyload plugins exclude.
  • Option to enable breadcrumbs for pagebuilder templates as well.
  • Box border and shadow options in Elementor blocks.
  • Category label styling options in Elementor blocks.
  • Sticky column option for any Elementor column.
  • Option to disable load more pagination links in blocks, for SEO.
  • Blocks option to exclude categories.
  • New light social sharing buttons style for top social share.
  • Several customization options related to excerpts in blocks.
  • More post meta customization options in Customizer.
  • More color options like hover color for post titles in Elementor blocks.
  • Grid blocks number counters line limit now supported.
  • Legacy shortcodes plugin update prompt for v3 upgrades.
  • Scheduled posts publish date checks, when forced last updated.
  • Gutenberg button styles with rare very long text.
  • Post meta tap targets for mobile UX.
  • Mobile logo rendering when incorrect size is used on iOS 15.
  • Latest Google fonts added to the typography selection.
  • Author box on smaller mobiles.
  • Newsletter button text can be customized now.
  • Add logo width and height dimensions for no CLS.
  • New button 3 added for headers, with support for mobile.
  • PHP8 missing columns option in Elementor blocks.
  • Debloat JS delay breaking post card embeds.
  • Button 2 not rendering in header in certain cases.
  • Ads/Custom Codes glitching when using "Hide On" setting.
  • Review criteria sometimes does not delete.
  • Skip lazyload images in embeds.
  • Sup tag rendering support.
  • Elementor titles color not working in some blocks.
  • Many other customization options added to Elementor blocks.
  • Compatibility testing/updates for plugins such as WooCommerce 5.9.

Version 6.0.0 August 23, 2021

  • Massive Speed Improvements on mobile for Core Web Vitals using our updated performance guide and Debloat plugin integration with Remove Unused CSS, Delay Load and so on.
  • Smarter task scheduling in the theme JS for performance.
  • Preload icon fonts for further CLS improvements.
  • 3 New importable Homepage in Smart Studio.
  • 3 new importable Header presets.
  • Image roundness feature for all blocks.
  • Small titles typography options for News Focus / Focus Grid block.
  • Several dev filters/hooks for theme templates.
  • Vertical centered content option to List blocks.
  • Option to specify minimum comments before shown in meta.
  • Search modal overlay color customization.
  • Force disable all Google fonts option for theme and Elementor.
  • 5 new importable blocks/sections in Smart Studio.
  • Gutenberg Separator block colors support.
  • Custom sidebar width support in px.
  • Review box verdict design with longer text support.
  • Featured grids image selection for grid-b on 1x devices.
  • Post Cover layout support for post formats.
  • WPML string definitions for 2 missing customizer texts.
  • Compatibility with custom Elementor Pro layouts.
  • Points can now be used in overall rating of review posts.
  • Featured grids meta removal via Elementor when also set via customizer.
  • Custom code feature for footer.
  • Offset incorrectly applied in heading filters.
  • Non-breaking JS error on a few elementor widgets.
  • Taxonomies with CPT and custom IDs in Elementor widgets.
  • WhatsApp icon in header social icons.
  • Small Title typography settings Featured grid block.
  • Several new Customizer and Elementor options.
  • Compatibility testing/updates for plugins such as WooCommerce 5.6.

Version 5.5.0 July 20, 2021

  • WordPress 5.8+ compatibility improvements.
  • Option to add AMP only head codes in Custom Codes.
  • Backend editor styling for latest Gutenberg.
  • Mobile logo height consistency on AMP and responsive.
  • AMP ad code without accompanying normal code is allowed now.
  • Lazyload compatibility with 3rd party plugins like MetaSlider.
  • Classic Editor JS issue when using WP older than v5.6.
  • Bunyad AMP: Path suffix /amp/ support option for URLs.
  • Bunyad AMP: Now includes hero image CLS optimizations.
  • Bunyad AMP: Updated to latest official specs.

Version 5.4.0 July 12, 2021

  • New Design/Demo: Social Life.
  • Option to exclude tags in blocks and widgets.
  • New importable Homepage in Smart Studio.
  • Option for default WooCommerce page layouts.
  • Feature to select text or badge style for categories in single meta.
  • Hide or Show last item / title in breadcrumbs on single pages.
  • WPRocket plugin delay JS compatibility with Autoload next post.
  • 2 new importable sections in Smart Studio.
  • New preset header option: Colored Mix.
  • Further optimized images lazyloading performance.
  • Widget About social icons drag/drop reorder.
  • Sticky sidebar subpixel rendering on 1x screens.
  • Preset headers settings apply consistency.
  • Autoload next post JS conditional load.
  • Tabbed Recent widget for more than 4 posts.
  • Pagination for blocks in Elementor Plugin page templates.
  • sub/sup HTML element positioning and font sizes.
  • Multiple "Hide On" settings for Custom Codes / Ads.
  • 8 other minor CSS and design improvements.

Version 5.3.0 June 20, 2021

  • 2 New Designs: PrimeMag and Financial.
  • Border weight option for heading style C and variants.
  • Options to adjust sidebar gap/spacing.
  • Custom sidebar width options in percent or pixels.
  • Telegram to Social Sharing services.
  • 2 new Header presets in Customizer.
  • 2 new importable Homepages in Smart Studio.
  • TikTok, Twitch, Telegram, Discord to social links.
  • 6+ social networks to Social Follow widget.
  • Option to enable Yoast Primary Category support (in Misc).
  • Several customization options for single social top.
  • 1x image quality for Featured Grid A style.
  • Script enqueue order for some performance plugins.
  • SmartMag About widget has all social icons now.
  • Customization options for header trending ticker.
  • Reset options not clearing cache.
  • Recent tabs number of posts option.
  • Classic footer long links list not wrapping on mobile.
  • Updated: Google fonts options with latest fonts.

Version 5.2.0 May 6, 2021

  • Custom width option for hamburger icon.
  • Exclude post by IDs in blocks.
  • Blocking time on mobile.
  • CLS and blocking on desktops.
  • Autoload next post load Google Adsense ads.
  • Site Width header styling.
  • Redundant date links removed in post meta.
  • Title tags on image links for accessibility.
  • Added many new dev hooks such as for meta.
  • Custom Date format option on header.
  • Text element on mobile header.
  • Hamburger icon stretch in "site-width" header rows.
  • Vimeo in social follow widget.
  • Pagination in authors page template.

Version 5.1.2 April 2, 2021

  • PHP8 compatibility.
  • Navigation touch actions on laptops with touchscreen.
  • Adsense responsive auto units dimensions adapt better.
  • Changed heading tag in auth modal.
  • Unnecessary mobile logo tag.
  • Settings only import in Demo Importer.

Version 5.1.0 March 22, 2021

  • New Designs: GeeksEmpire / Entertainment and Informed News.
  • 2 new importable homepages in Smart Studio.
  • 5 new importable sections in Smart Studio.
  • Load More styling customization options.
  • New light style E for Sticky Social Share.
  • Design customization options for sticky social share.
  • Top center and Bot center align for category overlay labels.
  • Option to center content in global and Elementor.
  • Blocks/listings content padding options.
  • 2 new Load More button styles.
  • Simple hamburger icon option.
  • More options to customize hamburger icon height, width etc.
  • System font stack options.
  • Reddit in social sharing buttons.
  • Option to disable single featured image lightbox/link.
  • Reddit option in social links such as header, footer etc.
  • Elementor column separator option.
  • Responsive columns order in Elementor.
  • Heading html tag option for SEO for blocks.
  • Hamburger icon rendering on Chrome on Windows.
  • Elementor performance with thousands of tags or categories.
  • Widgets performance with too many categories.
  • Some header options migration from v3.
  • SEO: Title Tag option now available on featured grid block.
  • Pagination of blocks with section query.
  • Image selection on devices for featured grids B, C, and EQ1.
  • Heading filters with limit by tag.
  • Related posts YARPP option and numbers.
  • Featured grids inclusion in no duplicates on home feature.
  • Custom added font names become invisible in Customizer.
  • New Ads/Code widget HTML and AMP code sanitization.
  • Several other smaller fixes and improvements.

Version 5.0.3 March 4, 2021

  • Simple Dark 2 (News) Header Preset.
  • News Spotlight in Smart Studio.
  • News Homepage in Smart Studio.
  • Sticky Social behavior with some cache plugins.
  • Errors on a few Smart Studio imports.
  • Disable BG images.
  • Re-added compatibility for old WP galleries.
  • Comments hidden on AMP too when setting enabled.
  • Users with non-admin capabilities login issue.
  • PHP Notice on some block configs with WP_DEBUG.

Version 5.0.0 February 24, 2021

  • IMPORTANT: This a major update, please read before updating: this guide (login to support to view).
  • Our biggest update yet. Massive number of features, and full rewrite with backward compatibility.
  • 5+ New Demos.
  • New Supercharged Elementor Pagebuilder with our unique magic.
  • 60+ importable blocks/sections via Smart Studio.
  • 3 new single post styles with countless variations.
  • Beautiful Newsletter Subscribe widgets and blocks.
  • 9 Smart Flexible base blocks with ability to create countless variations.
  • Full Gutenberg / new WordPress Editor integration.
  • 7 new Block Heading styles with infinite customization options.
  • Autoload Next Post for single page with Google Ads and Analytics support.
  • One-click demo import for all demos.
  • Smart Studio - Premade homes, sections, and blocks for page builder.
  • Unique variations for Gutenberg blocks such as quotes, pullquotes, separator.
  • Sticky/Floating social share with 4 design styles.
  • Smart Image System that relies on only 3 additional image sizes now.
  • Heading styles for sidebar, footer widgets, and single post sections.
  • Estimate post read time for post meta - usable in all blocks and listings.
  • "Updated Date" in post meta of single posts for SEO benefits.
  • Social sharing buttons above the post and new social networks options.
  • Login / Register Modal with WordPress Social Login plugin support.
  • Flexible Post Meta. Move and enable / disable items as you like.
  • Smart Headers - 10 Presets and 9+ elements to build your own main and mobile header.
  • 2 new Mega Menu styles.
  • Bunyad AMP Plugin. Makes your amp version look the same as non-amp.
  • New page layouts and settings.
  • Off-canvas menu for desktops and mobiles with widgets support.
  • Load more pagination type and updated pagination designs.
  • Built-in Lazyload feature for images and iframes.
  • 9 Featured Area grids that are customizable and also be used as Slider.
  • Image Aspect Ratio selection (or custom) for all blocks and listings.
  • A migrator and converter for conversion from older versions.
  • New Ads widget with AMP code and devices support.
  • Modern Lightbox for galleries and linked images in single posts.
  • Full-page overlay modern search with customization options.
  • Responsiveness and mobile layout has been redone for modern devices.
  • New Bold Footer style.
  • Option to enable/disable FontAwesome (not needed anymore).
  • Enable/disable legacy theme features.
  • Add subtitles to Single Posts.
  • Options to customize Single Post
  • Option to have a Comments show/hide button toggle. Works great with Autoload next post.
  • Customization options for all header elements.
  • Mobile header can be customized separately.
  • More options for Related Post sources.
  • Footer colors and fonts customization options.
  • New breadcrumbs style and customization features.
  • Ability to show/hide breadcrumbs on archives, pages etc.
  • Advertisements and Custom Codes system. Insert ads before/after header, before/after single post content, footer etc.
  • Many more Featured Area styles for categories.
  • Full-width header options and styles.
  • Customizations for main layout such as Site Width.
  • Unique Core performance options such as preload.
  • 4 New Social Follow & Counters Widget Styles. And customization options.
  • Performance & Speed guide in documentation.
  • Unique Section Query feature to use same query for all blocks in a section.
  • Column options for footer widgets and improved custom layout.
  • Category labels customization and position options.
  • Full PHP 7.4+ compatibility.
  • New Powerful Latest Posts widget.
  • Grid, Highlights and Overlay block as widget.
  • Features to select layouts for other archives like author, search.
  • Option to add gradients to header background.
  • Fully tested compatibility with cache plugins.
  • Lightbox compatibility for mobile devices.
  • Customization options for all listing styles.
  • Enable/disable layout element such as read more on listings.
  • Customize text for 404 Pages.
  • New Post Format overlay styles in listings with size customization.
  • 2 columns support for social followers widget.
  • Contrast scheme support for blocks, when using on dark bg.
  • Reviews style in listings radial overlay, bars, or stars in meta.
  • Over 1000 theme settings options.
  • Live Customizer with thousands of settings. Instantly preview customizations.
  • Unique Dark Mode with header switcher and color customization options for dark mode.
  • Re-designed/polished most elements to be modern.
  • Much of legacy JS rewritten for performance.
  • Updated: Reviews schema updated with latest Google specs.
  • Updated: CSS generation system with cache for better performance.
  • Updated: Options system updated for less memory usage.
  • Updated: Infinite scroll rewritten for performance.
  • Updated: Google fonts to include many new fonts.
  • Updated: New social services added and outdated removed in all areas.
  • Updated: Footer copyright is now in Customizer with current year display support.
  • Updated: Easy social settings in Customizer now, previously in header widget areas.
  • Updated: Sticky header updated with smart scroll intent detection and option to select the row to make sticky.
  • Updated: WooCommerce integration and styles for the latest version.
  • Updated: bbPress design polished and improved compatibility.
  • Countless bugs fixes and design tweaks. Tested and improved for modern browsers.
  • Over 2000 hours of work done, and thousands of improvements on this release. This isn't a full list.

Version 3.4.0 December 10, 2020

  • Fixes for compatibility with WordPress v5.6.
  • Updated: Bunyad Page Builder to fix styling.
  • Theme Options typography errors.

Version 3.3.1 August 12, 2020

  • Updated Bunyad Page Builder for WordPress v5.5.
  • Added extra fields for review product schema.
  • Javascript errors in v5.5.

Version 3.3.0 April 2, 2020

  • Feature to enter Schema info for Reviews.
  • breadcrumb deprecated by Google.
  • Review schema for the latest Schema requirement.
  • create_function and other error on PHP 7.2+
  • Removed Google+ share link.
  • Twitter social share links.
  • Updated: WooCommerce template overrides.
  • Updated: RevSlider (now included in "All Files" zip file in "Extra Plugins")